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Make Technology Work For You.

How often are you frustrated with the way your growing Media and Entertainment driven company handles the challenges of ever-changing technology and technical resources? How much time, effort and ultimately money, are you and your team wasting chasing around logistical issues and putting out clearly avoidable fires? Do you really feel like you are getting a positive return on all of that capital you spent installing and upgrading editing workstations, servers, storage and cloud based technical resources?

If your technology isn't working for you, that's just wrong!

We have taken extraordinary measures and time, carefully cultivating relationships with industry leading engineers, developers and manufacturers to create a reliable network of like minded individuals that have one goal.


Our goal is to create seamless, stable, scalable and technically viable solutions that save your company time and effort, while contributing positively to your bottom line.


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Carlos is one of the most dedicated professionals and team oriented people I have had the pleasure to work with over the many years. Dedicated not only to the project success but also the people around him and their mutual improvement and success. This rare combination of technical and people skills makes Carlos as valuable a team member as he is a leader. Really can’t recommend him highly enough and look forward to working with him on the next big project!
— Matt S.
Uncle Charles works to fully understand customer workflow needs, then organizes the right people and technology to solve the problem. Maintaining a great relationship and sense of customer urgency with the manufacturer vendors is a very strong suit.
— Jeremy S.
La idoneidad, experiencia y know-how de Uncle Charles es superior al standar. Lo que lo hace único es su compromiso inagotable, la dedicación incansable y la actitud abierta y emprendedora ante cualquier reto. Además de solucionar y pronosticar nuestras necesidades, Uncle Charles nos llevó a un nivel de automatización altamente competitivo.

TRANSLATION: The suitability, experience and know-how of Uncle Charles is superior to the standard. What makes it unique is its inexhaustible commitment, tireless dedication and open and enterprising attitude in front of any challenge. In addition to solving and forecasting our needs, Uncle Charles took us to a highly competitive level of automation.
I have been working with Carlos for 6 years now and it has been nothing short of an amazing experience. He takes the time to understand his client’s needs and wants, and will work to make sure that he exhausts all resources to provide a solution that will be beneficial to everyone’s success.
— Kyle M.
Carlos is our computer guru.. master of creating, troubleshooting and always there when we need him the most. Couldn’t run our company without him.


I have one simple philosophy. "My success is indelibly tied to yours."

At the risk of sounding blasé or banal, I believe a service oriented approach that places your needs and goals above all else is the single most important aspect of any client/provider relationship. It is this conviction that affords me the ability to adopt your thought process, your resolve and your ideology while simultaneously guiding you in the right direction.


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Not all media and technology services companies are created equal and neither are the clients they serve. We take a laser focused approach that is based on a potential client's need respective to our ability to serve it.

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"Don't worry, this one's on me." ~Uncle Charles



About Me

MY NAME IS carlos a.k.a.uncle charles

I have been involved with the "bleeding edge technology" side of cable television, broadcast and post production industry for almost 15 years. I specialize in file based workflows. (i.e. ingest, transcode, storage, media asset management, delivery and archive) In addition to being an Apple Certified Support Specialist, my core focus on products encompases various manufacturers including SquareBox Systems (CatDV), Telestream, Farmer's Wife, Promise Technology, Studio Network Solutions, Quantum, Adobe and development partners like North Shore Automation.

I also handle commercial workflows for product based companies. Primarily, I modernize the way that established and new companies focus their product sales efforts online. Some may see this as a bit of a sideways leap from media workflows but my expertise has always been "tying it all together" and I've been doing this alongside since the beginning. As a result, and with over 20 years in Information Technology , I have perfected the skill of making technology WORK seamlessly and efficiently for my clients as opposed to the other way around. My company "Uncle Charles, Inc." which I started in 2014, focuses on just that.